We offer specialty consultancy for all the categories of products:

  • Measurements and mappings
  • Design or adaptation of corporate identity norms of the Beneficiary;
  • Architecture, 2D and 3D graphic models, rendering – day and night view;
  • Dynamic presentation and animations for light signage;
  • Constructive solutions, material proposals and impact studies;

Technical projects

  • Structure projects with MLPTL expert stamp
  • Electric projects
  • Documentations in order to obtain the Building Permit;


  • Possibilities to contract outdoor locations in Romania;
  • Monitoring and maintenance

Authorizing services

  • procurement of Town Planning Certificate
  • procurement of favourable opinions requested in the Town Planning Certificate
  • procurement of Building Permits / Site Approval Notice

Project development

  • transport
  • installation with lifting equipments

Maintenance services

  • monitoring
  • maintenance and cleaning;
  • service and post-guarantee: payment / intervention or monthly subscription;


  • location decommissioning;
  • dismantling, transport, sorting and cassation of elements;

Utilitarian alpinism

  • installation and assemblies;
  • service and interventions at the electric system;
  • dyeing and facade maintenance;
  • facade repairs, window washing;